Goodgame Empire: Daily Bonus Codes for Brave Settlers

02/12/2013 09:56 by Anna Radak in SpecialsBrowser GamesStrategy

Time to celebrate.

When Christmas is right around the corner, publishers usually go out of their way to reward their communities for continuously playing their games. Goodgame Studios has now called attention to the browser game Goodgame Empire by starting a holiday giveaway. Every day until December 31st, there will be a new bonus code for everyone to enjoy. That means that free items, premium currency and in-game money are abound in the strategy title until the end of the month. To make sure you don’t miss out on any of it, we have a quick bonus code overview for you that will be updated daily.
GBMNA-87A3G-RUST8Gold, RubiesDec. 1st
426EB-YXGW5-HXKWHGold, RubiesDec. 3rd
F5H48-BMYG4-TLAE3Gold, RubiesDec. 3rd
F91XU-23C44-5SWHPGold, RubiesDec. 4th
ZPNR3-LS2QL-JA18CWoodDec. 5th
MPQW6-X5RD1-D1FNKGold, Rubies, MaterialsDec. 6th
WNX35-2V3J4-RV989WoodDec. 7th
MB4B7-MHPNY-ETG3GStoneDec. 8th
8GQ9P-2B5AC-CU8SVStoneDec. 9th
8AFVY-HTS1D-BQB8SFoodDec. 10th
W6R7Q-CPJRK-2X7J6GoldDec. 11th
NCX2M-QBWFJ-QW8BMFoodDec. 12th
6422G-4XL25-15EQRStoneDec. 13th
SHJPT-AGLZ3-FRS5MWoodDec. 14th
VQTGQ-FGT2N-PH568Gold, RubiesDec. 15th
EFK6X-JZA3P-Y25ZCStoneDec. 16th
51FWT-MRGYJ-CQDH5WoodDec. 17th
MT43Q-K65TM-ELACVStoneDec. 18th
EVPJY-GMC7P-DD69MWoodDec. 19th
7YDDK-2L4KB-7LS9JGoldDec. 20th
6XAP4-QVA9M-PNVJJFoodDec. 21st
TV3NP-JXKDG-WJSWLGold, RubiesDec. 22nd
9J5M7-BBGQD-1JMRHStone, Wood, Food, Gold, RubiesDec. 24th
5UJTM-V8NHE-WX1UZWoodDec. 25th
ADQLA-DVZDN-D3E9SStoneDec. 26th
U8Z5S-GSBQZ-ETXYKWoodDec. 27th
U1D4E-W4L7U-EDAW8StoneDec. 29th
NSZUE-J7VRV-4UB82WoodDec. 30th
FJJD1-YJJCU-2GQVZWood, Stone, FoodDec. 31th

Easy as pie.

In order to redeem the bonus code, you need to access the payment shop and find the "Voucher" button. Click on it and type in the respective bonus code. There you go!

Update: Unfortunately, the code released on Dec. 3rd was faulty. To make up for the missing voucher, Goodgame Studios has released two codes later that day.

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